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Hey Beautiful,

I'm Michelle!


Speaking and Soul Leadership Coach | Mentor | Keynote Speaker | Advanced EFT Practitioner

I believe in order for the state of the world to heal and change we need to change the human way of being , I believe that when we Live & Speak our Truth we not only unlock our own highest potential we also open the doorway for others to do the same. I believe Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs are the conduits to lead the  change of being in this world by taking the leap to honour the power of their  Intuitive Gifts, their Ideas, their perspectives , their Voice.

I am on a  mission to support Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs find safety, joy and prosperity to Live & Speak to their Souls Expression so that we can collectively raise the consciousness of the planet and  Lead the Change in the Human Way of Being.



 Live & Speak your Truth. 

To Unlock your Full Potential. 

1:1 Speaker & Leadership Coaching

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Events, Workshops & Retreats

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HERVOICE Speakers Club

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My Podcast





Tune in each week to hear insights and interviews on  how others are leaning into living and leading a more SOUL Led Life & Business.   This Podcast is here to provide you with resources, tools & insights to support you along the way of your SOUL Leadership Journey and to connect you with other SOUL Leaders who are here to raise the collective consciousness , impact and shift the way of being in the world.

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